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Course place

The public schedule courses are delivered at the Conference and Training Centre "Innovation" at Silesian University of Technology in Zabrze, Poland. The Conference and Training Centre “Innovation” provides fully equipped classrooms and pleasant modern environment.


The training price does not include accommodation. There is a variety of hotels available in Zabrze. We will be happy to assist you in hotel booking. If you look for a decent yet not very expensive hotel we may recommend the IBIS hotel in Zabrze. Ibis hotel is located in the walking distance from Conference and Training Centre "Innovation". The room cost is around 50 EUR per night including breakfast.

Participants are also welcome to stay at Conference and Training Centre "Innovation" in Zabrze. The Centre offers several guest rooms. The cost is around 30 EUR per night including breakfast.

How to get to Zabrze?

The nearest Katowice Airport is located 30 minutes drive from Zabrze. You may get a taxi at the Katowice Airport. The taxi cost is about 180 PLN (around 45 EUR).

Where to eat?

Lunch is provided during the course and included in the public schedule course price. Several restaurants in the vicinity offer a variety of food where you can have dinner.

About the city

Zabrze is located in Upper Silesia region, which is industrial area in Poland. There are several active and also historical mines in Zabrze and in neighbouring cities. An interesting place to visit is the XIX century Guido mine museum in Zabrze - the oldest coal mine museum in the Upper Silesia region with routes for visitors on the levels of 170 m and 320 m below the ground.

Another unusual place is the Historic Silver Mine in Tarnowskie Góry with Black trout adit - the longest in Poland underground trip by boats.

Also rich variety of cultural events is being constantly offered for Zabrze and a neighbouring city Gliwice residents and visitors alike. The theatre, musical theatre, cinemas, clubs, galleries are regularly visited by vast audiences. For more information about the cities visit the Information Service of Information Service of Zabrze and Information Service of Gliwice. If a language is a barrier you may always rely on us.