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ELP 2005  ★★★

Proper data analysis has became one of the major requirements for sustainable business development. Timely knowledge about the company’s state indicators, such as resource utilisation or customers’ satisfaction, provide means for increasing the final product quality and, as a result, boost the overall income.

Mobile operators are one of many examples, where time of reaction to product (mobile network) shortages plays a crucial role. Every day thousands of counters are collected from many nodes in the operator’s network and only their proper representation guaranties that adequate steps will be taken in the reasonable time.

SAP BusinessObjects XI is one of the best applications delivering tools for performing data analysis on huge data sets when using multiple data sources. It allows for designing and analysing custom reports either online (InfoView) or offline (Rich Client).

This training aims at providing a comprehensive knowledge about BusinessObjects XI basic features. The emphasis is mainly put on report design as well as its analysis. Definitions of terminology, such as measure, universe, drill down, slice or dice is provided together with multitude of real life examples.

During this training you will gain knowledge on how to create Web Intelligence documents for your reporting needs, to retrieve data by building queries using BusinessObjects universes and to use Web Intelligence to enhance documents for easier analysis.

At the end of the course you will also be able to efficiently and effectively manage personal and corporate documents, having the access to all the information whenever and wherever you need it.

The content of the training is fully customisable and may be changed according to your needs.

Target audience – Who should attend and benefit

The SAP BusinessObjects XI 3.1 Report designer training has been designed for telecom professionals working with report design and analysis.

Prerequisites – What you are supposed to know prior to the course

General knowledge about Microsoft Excel and basic computer skills are sufficient for this training.

Course contents – What you will learn

  • Introduction
    • Data analysis introduction
    • What is BusinessObjects XI?
    • Basic concepts and terms
    • Web Intelligence Rich Client basic operations
    • Web Intelligence Thin Client (Infoview) basic operations
    • Document properties
  • Creating first report
    • Accessing universe – your data provider
    • Creating simple query
    • Exploring workspace
    • Editing report structure
  • Report development
    • Selecting and filtering data
    • Tables
    • Charts
    • Working with report tabs
    • Advanced functions and variables
    • Styles
  • Data analysis
    • Sorting
    • Grouping
    • Calculations
    • Breaks
    • Ranking
    • Slice and Dice
    • Drill Through
  • Publishing documents

Duration – How long it takes

2 days which is equivalent to 12 hours of lecture.